Women Ministry

  • Must be a church member in good standing
  • Have good organization skills
  • Able to relate well with other people
  • Have a passion for ministering to women


  1. Develop and coordinate women’s small group Bible studies and monthly meetings
  2. Mentor and disciple women of the chaplaincy, helping them to grow spiritually
  3. Plan and coordinate women’s conferences, luncheons, service projects, and trips
  4. Participate in and oversee special events and activities for women
  5. Administer the work of women’s ministries by encouraging teamwork and mutual support and by providing leadership for all
  6. Pray regularly for the women of the chaplaincy and God’s direction
  7. Develop a women’s ministries budget and oversee the distribution of funds and keep track of expenditures
  8. Establish goals and objectives by prioritizing related programs, keeping fund raisers away from the ministry as much as
  9. possible,
  10. Managing the use of facilities, delegating tasks, and evaluating progress regularly
  11. Plan and coordinate special interest classes such as: cooking, gardening, needlework, crafts, etc.
  12. Work with appropriate committees, officers, and leaders to carry out the ministry of the church
  13. Write quarterly reports and year-end reports for the chaplaincy board
  14. Report to calling and advertising team of any events

Will be held accountable to Women’s Ministry board and the Board Of Elders

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