Finance Committee

Position Status:  Volunteer Part-Time

The Finance Committee is to assume total responsibility for the finances of the congregation. This shall include developing and
monitoring a budget. Financial recording and reporting, disbursement, investment planning, and auditing or records.

The Finance Committee shall consist of least five persons including a chairperson, council liaison, financial secretary, treasurer,
member for budget, and member for audit. This committee will meet quarterly or as necessary to fulfill the statement of purpose.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

The primary responsibilities include:
  1. Financial Management:
  2. Budget – annual preparation
  3. Receipts and disbursements of funds
  4. Financial recording and reporting of member giving
  5. Recruit, train and schedule offering counters.
  6. Provide quarterly and annual person finance statements via the financial secretary

Audit committee
ecruit members and ensure audit is completed in a timely manner. The audit committee will consist of 3 members, 1 member  
rotating annually. Financial records will be audited annually or more often if deemed necessary by this committee of the church

Investment of church funds
  1. CDs
  2. Checking
  3. Savings

  1. Insurance – review and maintain policies and be point of contact for insurance representatives.
  2. Record non-solicited gifts
  3. Monitor the financial health of the congregation – prepare and distribute reports as needed.
  4. Annually evaluate the work of this committee and its job description and make necessary changes.
  5. Provide for professional growth through conferences, conventions, and continuing education.
  6. Provide an annual report to the congregation at the annual meeting.

The Finance Committee works in close cooperation with the standing Ministry committees for budget planning and input.
This committee reports to and is accountable to the Board Of Elders

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