EMMA is a congregation started in 2017 and we shares the message of Christ’s love with people throughout the world using the pat
of the the Baptist faith. We need volunteers to renders our faith accessible to the community  by creating traditions of knowledge,
sharing, spiritual growth, prayers and worship opportunities that touch people and lead them to experience Christ’s saving grace
in a Baptist ways. We need Ministers, Chaplains, Elders, Stewardship, Ushers, prayer partners, etc. Training will be provided
(Some work have training fees) to the right candidates.

Position Status:  
Volunteer Part-Time Elder


  • Elders must be members of the ministry.
  • Elders must be active in the congregation’s life and give evidence of seeking to grow in their own understanding and            
    practice of the Christian life.    

Such evidence should include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Conduct of one’s life in light of the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  2. Promotion of good will and Christian fellowship in the congregation and community.
  3. Regular attendance at worship services and stated meetings of the congregation.
  4. Regular and faithful contributions to the support of the congregation and its outreach programs.
  5. Willingness to fulfill assignments on behalf of the congregation.
  6. Demonstrated gifts and skills or evident potential in carrying out the responsibilities of an Elder.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

Share in the pastoral, ministry growth, and teaching functions of the ministry, such as:

  • Providing communion to the homebound.
  • Serving as the shepherd for an assigned “flock” of congregation members and regular visitors.
  • Regularly communicate with your assigned flock to discuss any other matters of importance to them.
  • Make yourself available to provide spiritual comfort and support to members of your flock both at church functions                       
    and away from church if requested.
  • Monitor attendance of   the members of your flock and contact them to discuss any concerns if there is a significant                
    change in their attendance pattern
  • Attending the regular monthly Elder’s meeting.
  • Attending and/or conducting Christian education classes.
  • Participating in scheduled Elder workshops and/or retreats.
  • Prepare and present the Communion Meditation and Communion Prayer and preside at the communion table as                          
    the representative of the congregation.
  • Assist and/or conduct the service in the absence of the Pastor.
  • Provide supportive counsel to the Minister(s) regarding spiritual life and development of the congregation.

For your gift of time to offer to our church please contact us

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